2019 Powersheet Goals

2019 Powersheet Goals

Master Budget Planning & Consistently Follow the Plan
As I get older it becomes more important that I master and finances especially because at some point in time I wish to have a family. It is important that I continue to build my emergency fund, pay down my debt, and save towards my retirement. Therefore, I will make a master budget plan for the year, and follow it throughout the year making small adjustments as required.

Why: To learn to better manage my finances in order to have the life I desire.

Action Steps:
– Develop a Master Budget for Year
– Use My Finances Planner to Plan Each Month
– Locate and Use an app for on the go management

Correctly and Positively Train & Love The Pupster
There continues to be some training and things I want the Pupster to learn. As I decided to get a dog it is my responsibility to make sure he is a loving, protective, and well-trained member of the dog society.

Why: To ensure he is well-trained and loving.

Action Steps:
– Research additional training techniques and commands for him to learn.
– Enroll the Pupster in a class (agility, nosework, etc)

Develop and Maintain a Lasting and Realistic Relationship with Christ
During the year 2018, I feel as though my relationship with Christ has taken a backburner to my life. I need to remember that Christ is the reason for my life, and I need to continue to place him first in everything I do.

Why: To develop a deep and lasting relationship with Christ

Action Steps:
– Complete ValMariePaper’s Fresh Start Journal
– Read the bible in one year
– Maintain an active prayer life

Radically Change My View and Care of Myself as a Whole
My view of my body and overly care of myself has been pretty jaded as of late. While I don’t want to engage in the self-care world, I do think that the way I view myself should change.

Why: Because I want to love myself and view myself in a more loving way.

Action Steps:
– Make a plan of exercise and nutrition
– Practice intentional eating
– ???????

Treat My Business and a Business
I have had a pretty relaxed attitude about running A Curly Transition and while I have numerous ideas, I am not going to get anyway continuing this way. As a result, I need to have more discipline and be strategetic regarding the business aspects in order to grow.

Why: I have dreams and goals for the business and the things I wish for it. Additionally, I would love to make some additional income.

Action Steps:
– Invest in more courses & tools
– Follow my schedule religiously
– Get and use a business planner

Minimalistic Lifestyle
Considering I am living in a much smaller apartment at this time, living a minimalistic lifestyle has become more important than before.

Why: To learn to live with less stuff and be happier with less.

Action Steps:
– Create a capsule wardrobe
– Listen to podcast and read books about the lifestyle
– Minimalist Finances, apartment, and other minimalist things

Complete the GRE & Be Accepted to the Master of Arts in School Counseling program
Sadly taking the GRE is a prerequisite for being accepted in graduate school. Gaining a masters is required for entrance in the Ph.D. program.

Why: It is a step towards my final goal of earning a Ph.D

Action Steps:
– Schedule the test
– Study and take the GRE by May 2019
– Apply for the program

Solidify Friendships and Familial Relationships
While I do have some close friendships my familial relationships are not amazing. Mostly I haven’t cared much about the nature of my familial relationships, I have decided to attempt to make them stronger. Also, I have decided to be more intentional about friendships as much as I am able.

Why: The relationships you make in the world help to define you.

Action Steps:
– Make standing lunch/dinner dates with friends or set phone conversations.
– Attempt to have intentional conversation with the various members of my family

Mystery Goal
This goal is more personal based and I have yet to decide if I want to share it.

Develop and Maintain a Hair Regimen
I have had hair goals since I was a young child, and as I near a major hair goal it is time that I strength my routine.

Why: Hair Goals, Duh.

Action Steps:
– Develop a wash, condition, and henna routine
– Keep low manipulation routine
– Continue to use hair oil and cream
– Continue to take hair vitamins.

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2019 Powersheet Goals
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