Finding and Listening to Podcasts

Finding and Listening to Podcasts - Finding and listening to podcasts is not as hard as it seems. Today we discuss the number of ways to access podcasts.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file that is made available via the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device. Podcasts are an online radio show that can be accessed at any time.  Podcasts can either be an episodic series, or each individual episode can be stand alone. Often available via subscription and can be accessed a number of ways if you can find them. Finding and listening to podcasts is not as hard as it seems.  Most phones, specifically iPhones, come with a standard podcast management app, but if you have never listened to a podcast, and would like to start continue below.L

Listening to Podcasts

Listening to podcast can happen many different ways. If you plan on listening via the web without store the podcast for future usage or listening, you would navigate to the website of the particular podcast and click play on the applicable podcast. This happens to be more restrictive in terms of listening ability, storage, and offline listening. If you want to listen at will, and store your podcast for future listening, then you will need to use a podcast management application. A podcast management application is used to store and keep track of podcasts. Many podcast managers can be used to listen and subscribe to the podcast via desktop, web-based, and mobile.D


iTunes ( Easily one of the most known podcast management tool. You can quickly locate podcasts through the iTunes store and easily integrates with iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

– gPodder ( An open-source podcast manager, but it isn’t a media player. It allows you to download, sync, and organize your podcast subscriptions. It is highly configurable, but as I have a mac, I haven’t been able to use the program.W


Short Orange (  An cloud-based podcast player and manager that is relatively easy to use. It is cross-platform so it can be used on the iOS device as well as on the desktop. The one major drawback is that as it is cloud-based if you are not connected to the internet it can not be used.

Stitcher ( A decentralized podcast player that allows you to listen to the podcast without using your data. However, you can’t subscribe the podcast using this program, and some of the podcast are not available. A

App- Based

Apple Podcast (iOS) is the de facto podcast app for iOS devices because it used to come factory installed on the iOS device. There have been some complaints about some limitations, but I have used it for years before I decide to try out Stitcher.

– Overcast (iOS) Clean & straightforward. The smart speed helps to eliminate dead moments and cut down on playing time. It is customizable with playlist creations, a sleep timer, and recommends new shows. One drawback is that the entire episode has to be downloaded before it can be played.

– Spotify (Android, iOS) Sorry as I only have iOS devices, I had to gain some outside help for the android listings, but countless people recommended Spotify. Spotify seems to have integrated podcast into their media streaming under the spoken word. This is a good alternative for those who don’t want a dedicated podcast manager or don’t want to download another app.

Finding podcast is pretty simple once you download a podcast manager as there is usually a recommendation section, but Googling for “Popular podcast” or “Top 10 podcasts” would yield additional results. Podcast essential allow you make your own radio show and remains one of my top means of entertainment, almost replacing music. In the next segment on the podcast, I will discuss the podcast I listen to and the reasons why.

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Finding and Listening to Podcasts - Finding and listening to podcasts is not as hard as it seems. Today we discuss the number of ways to access podcasts.
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