Welcome to A Curly Transition!

This blog is designed to be a daily life blog, a lifestyle and finance guide, and a guide to natural hair and body care with some love for the Savior thrown in. It is our hope that we will be able to inspire others that follow our journey. Sometimes life isn’t actually how you planned it to be. Sometimes it’s A Curly Transition because apparently not only my hair needed transitioning.

COVID-19 Series: Managing the Changes Financially and Productively

COVID-19 has swept the nation placing the world basically on hold. Everything as a result has slowed down, and we are forced to spend more time at home with our families and less time in…

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2020 Goals for the Year

As you know, I have been breaking my hiatus in order to bring you my goals for 2020. Along with sharing my goals, I will be posting my book list for year as well. Master…

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2020 Debt Payoff Plan

For 2020, I am attempting to pay off my debt in a huge way. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of having debt just lingering around dragging my energy especially my…

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Rhythm – Finding God During in the Routine of Life

This blog post is inspired by the Orange Curriculum that my 10th grade girls are undergoing at this time. Our most recent series is Finding Rhythm. It made me think about my daily, weekly, monthly,…

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How A Sleep Therapist Helped Me to Improve My Sleep for the First Time Ever

How A Sleep Therapist Helped Me to Improve My Sleep for the First Time Ever – After being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and a returning of my bipolar disorder symptoms, it was recommended by a Neuropsychologist that I see the local sleep therapist.

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Slipping From Full to Partial Remission

I was in remission so long that I almost forgot about the condition. Almost. But one day, I realized that the edges of my perception were getting cloudy, the sky becoming darker, the atmosphere getting…

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