Violin Practice – 07/09/21

After a good year of trying to find a person who will give an adult lessons, I am finally taking violin lessons. I absolutely adore the violin. I used to own a quarter size violin as a child and I took lessons. But in Detroit, the school systems stop offering lessons for string instruments after middle school unless you go to a school for the performing arts.

So I could no longer learn to play my precious violin and my dreams of being a professional violinist died. I had to learn to play a band instrument so I choose the flute. While I excelled at playing the flute, I didn’t like it and I wasn’t happy.

For the last year, I have been sole searching trying to find what makes me happy. Playing the violin makes me happy. I am wholly excited. I have been recording my lessons so that I can track my progress. Here is me practicing today.

Dominique R. Bounds
Dominique R. Bounds

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